Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and Venting about Nickelodeon

Well after the Christmas holiday I am just tired. I have caught Justin's cold and just feel Blah. I just wanted to vent a little bit on a couple of things after I tell you about the Kids Christmas. Jake got a Razor Dirt Bike (made for his age it is kind of like a power wheels for big kids) and i will add a picture of this later but he loves it. He was in and out all day yesterday riding and then charging it because the battery life is very short. Justin got a Ninja Power Wheels (4 wheeler) and Power Ranger snow boots (both of them got tons of other stuff to) that he wore all day while riding his Ninja. I thought it was funny ( we do not have any snow and it was almost 45 yesterday). See the picture

I think this will be a favorite toy for a while (snow boots to). I thought that I was going to have to let him sleep on it last night, we even had to bring it back into the house so that he could see it.
Well that is enough about our Christmas. I hope that everyone else had a great day as well. These days it is all about the kids anyway.
Now I have a few things to say about Nickelodeon...... what is up with trying to keep Jamie Lynn Spears on a kids network cause if no one noticed she is now an unmarried pregnant teen and NICK is thinking about doing a special ( www.msnbc.msn.cpm/id/22344557/ ) on her because she is like so many other kids that I know (yeah right). I DO NOT WANT NICK TO SEX EDUCATE MY KIDS. I feel that she needs to come off the air at least a kids network and no one needs to make any specials about it, even if we know teens that have made this mistake ( we all do) it is not the same, we are not RICH and can not HIRE PEOPLE to raise our kids we all do it the old fashion way and rough it out (Do not get me wrong I Love my kids they are my heart). Staying up all night, feeding, changing, crying when our kids are sick because we can't make it better and just that whole Mother thing that most rich pregnant teens know nothing about because someone else does it. And as for her mother writing a book about parenting HELLO!!!!! WHO IS SHE TO TRY AND TELL US HOW TO RAISE GOOD KIDS. Does anyone see a pattern with her two. Well this is totally my opinion however I do plan on sending Nick emails and calling to let them know that I am a very concerned parent and if I have to, I will stop my kids from watching!!!!!
Can you tell that this issue makes me mad!!! I will try to post again later and be a little more cheerful like I said I feel bad and just needed to fuss (and complain) about something. I could probably go on and on and on. But I will leave it at that for now.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful NEW YEAR.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

No Room to MOVE!!!

I took this picture last night while I was cooking dinner. I had 2 of my 3 dogs blocking me in. All I did was turn around and looked down to take this picture. I had absolutely no room to move. You see Ember (red Doberman 1yo), and Poopie (cause he is the little s**t)and we think he is around 10 or so not really sure because we inherited him about 4 years ago. This is how I get to cook or do the dishes I can't even turn around with out tripping over a dog. My 5yo Dalmatian Lexie does not like to lay on the hard cold kitchen floor but I am sure that she was laying so that she could see me. I can't even go potty by myself I usually have the 2 big dogs and Justin trying to bother me. It is ashamed!!! ok let me see if I can get this picture added......

ok it worked I think that I am getting pretty good at this blog thing..... I just wish that I had more time to deal with it.

I am in terrible pain again with my back. I had some lower back problems before the car accident but the pain is almost unbearable now. I was telling my hubby how bad it was hurting last night and was in tears. That is awful and I still have all the Christmas stuff to do. I am not sure how I am going to manage it. I have even recruited my husband to wrap Christmas presents because I can't. I usually I wrap them all. They have me on extended release pain medicine and it is not working worth a flip he even up my dosage yesterday and it still did not help!!!

Well I am going to lay down for a little while to take some pressure off my back. I woke up in pain this morning and still have tons of stuff to do.

If I don't get to post anymore before Tuesday I hope that everyone has a very, very

Merry Christmas!!!!

Try to talk again later if I have time and can sit here for any time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

back to being crazy again

Well now it is that time of year where everyone gets crazy even the kids..... not sure why maybe just the thought of all those presents.

I have a plan we (me and hubby) are telling Justin that he has to leave Santa all his binkies so that he can "get big boy toys" for Christmas and so far he is playing along so we will see if it works.
I again am running around like crazy again I have so much to do like wrapping Christmas presents, finish shopping, help with the school Christmas party, have a MRI done (my back is still messed up from the accident), meet with a lawyer and I am sure there are some things that I forgot because my list is upstairs.

I still don't have my van back but I did take the Titan back for something more functional. However now I have a Dodge Magnum and these cars make me think of a hearse and this one just happens to be black with black tinted windows and it is driving me crazy (like I need any help these days).

Anyway I just wanted to post a little note so that everyone (at least the people that read) knows we are still alive. I hope that everyone is having fun planning for their holiday I think this year we are having steak, potatoes and cranberry sauce instead of a traditional Christmas dinner it is just the 4 of us anyway and that is what we like.

Later Gators.....

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sooo Busy

I have been so busy that I feel like I have been chasing my tail and I don't even have one. After having the accident I was in really bad shape my back was killing me. It still really hurts just not as bad as last week. Then I had to spend all last week working at Jake's School with a holiday workshop (kids shop for little gifts for parents, grandparents, friends or siblings. Well on top of being in pain I had to keep up with Justin at the school (NOT FUN!!!). Deal with getting my car dropped off and getting a rental. When I got the rental all that they had was a V8 Nissan Titan ok this truck is huge and it had no running boards (steps on the sides) this did not help my back any! They are nice trucks but I think that I will stick with my Toyota. Also My back is still killing me. I so wish that it never happened well I guess I am not the only person that says that after an accident. I may not get my somewhat new crashed van back until after Christmas. It did almost $5000 dollars in damage.

Then we had to be in Philly at 6:30 am (we had to leave at 4) because my son (Jake 9) had to have surgery on his left hand because of burn scars. He grabbed a hot iron when he was 17 months old and had some really bad scaring that had to be fixed. Everything went well but I feel so bad for him because he has a cast (well like a cast) from the tip of his fingers to almost his elbow and he has to stay that way until the 2nd of January. So during Christmas he is stuck in this cast thing that I can't take off. Great something else to worry about.

I will try to write again soon.

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Car

Well I finally got a new van 10/22/07, we have not even made the fist car payment yet and I will be da*m someone rear-ended me yesterday. So not only being in pain my new car is squished. That just ruined my whole day. I have whip lash and have to take my Hubby and 3yo to the doc to have them checked out. And I found out today that PA is a no fault state I just don't understand how you can be sitting at a stop sign get rear-ended and it is no ones fault. Does that sound strange to anyone else????
Well I have walk gently up the stairs and try to fight with Justin to put his clothes on all with out making my neck any worse......easy right.
I actually feel like I have been hit by a car.......literally......

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Spell Checker

As I was typing away last night I realized that spell checker flags very common words as misspelled. Blog is one of them as much as people use blogs why, oh why does it still get flagged as wrong.
Well that was just a thought and I have to get ready to pick Jake up from Camp. I was less one child for the weekend now if I can just find someone to keep the other one I would have been doing good.
......I just realized that the blog spell checker does not flag it just email spell check. who knows.....