Monday, June 2, 2008

End of the binkie (MAYBE)

I am trying to decide how to take Justin's binkie. Can anyone give me some input on the best way to do this. My husband and I are at odds about how it should be done. He wants to do it slowly ( a little at a time) and I want to just take them all at once (throw them in the trash and that is that). I really don't want to traumatize him for life but he is going to be 4 in November.

So please give me some ideas.

Chill'n out in the pool

Today is a beautiful hot Monday morning in Alabama. It was so nice that the boys started beating on me to let them in the pool around 8 a.m. I did manage to hold them off until about 10 and stayed in till Noon. I took the time to play some video games. I don't play very often so when I get the chance and I am in the mood I enjoy it. I have been hooked on the Pirates of the Caribbean game. I beat it a while back and got in the mood again recently to play so it was nice to have a little free time.

This is not a very good picture because I took it with my cell phone but it is ok. This is a small pool 8 feet by 30 inches deep but it is big enough for them to cool off and have a little FUN and stay out of my hair for a while (or at least until they start fighting over toys and I am not sure why because we have 2 of all the pool toys just different colors).

Well It is Justin's nap time and trust me he REALLY gets nasty so I will try and write again later tonight.