Sunday, September 28, 2008


This was taken Sunday 9-28 in Birmingham, AL at Alabama Adventure. Jake is in the lead and Justin is about to crash cause he is looking at the floor. We had a great family day (I am glad we have not done anything like this all summer). We are even talking about going to visit My brother and sister - in - law (yeah I am talking about you Sarah) in FL this month or next. So Sarah you need to find some fun stuff to do down there!

I can NOT believe my luck Friday I stopped at the mall to order Jake's cookie cake ( I love these) I had just parked and got out of the car me and Justin were standing there waiting on Jake to get out and I seen my car roll forward. I was trying to figure out why when I realized that the people backing out across the street back right into my car!!! I have had such bad luck since I got this new van. SOOO I got all of there information and called the insurance company today and He has not reported it soooo I have to wait for the insurance company to get in touch with him and do all that stuff.....THEN on Saturday morning my mom come to pick me and Justin up to go to the store when she back out of my driveway she ran all over the car across the street. I will say that we have ask this man NOT to park his car right behind my driveway and we (me and JC) have almost hit this car several times. Anyway the cop did say that he was parked illegally so maybe momma will get lucky and not have to pay for anything. I guess that we will see.

I swear I am going to stop riding in cars I think I could ride horses or something and have better luck!

I will write again soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Jake in a tree. He was out playing with his friends and I sent him a text and ask what he was doing and this is the picture that I got back. He told me that well he was climbing trees and even sent me a picture just in case I didn't believe him. He has quite the sense of Humor ( he really is quick and funny).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This is Jake an Justin actually being nice to each other for a minute. These minutes are few and far between but when they happen they are sweet.

Easy like Sunday Morning......

Well for once we get to take it easy today we are just laying around the house chillin' which is great we have been so busy the past couple of months we need a day off. We postponed our trip to Alabama Adventure because Jake and Justin were feeling a little under the weather yesterday and last night so a day off for everyone is needed. It would be great if I could just lay on the couch all day but Justin will not let that happen so I am sitting here at the computer messing around and doing laundry (yeah).
Things are going great here I love my new job, Jake is doing well in school, and surprisingly so is Justin.
Anyway I am going to try and lay on the couch a bit and read my new book. It is the 3rd in the Eragon set. The book is sooo much better than the movie and the 2nd book was good so I got the new one last night and can't wait to start it. So that is what is on my table today trying to read and doing laundry (yeah). I will post again soon I usually have time in the afternoons to post at work because we are kind of slow (sometimes real slow). Talk to ya later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just working!

I am just sitting around here at work and thought that I would post a little. We went and got Jake his birthday present last night (one of many) but we took him and let him pick out a nice bike. His other one was getting to small. We are going to brave the weather this weekend and go to an amusement park on the other side of Birmingham it even has a water park. However it makes me mad that I can't ride anything because of my neck. I have a terrible headache right now. I just hope it is not like the fair last week I really had a bad headache then (almost migraine status!) anyway I was miserable.
Things are going good here Jake is making all A's as usual (that makes me so proud!!!) and Justin has not been kicked out of pre-school so that is great (his teacher said that he has been really good! I am not sure what she has done with my child but I wish that she would send that one home).
My mother fell like 2 weeks ago and broke her shoulder (like she needs anymore problems) so now she has to have therapy.
Gotta go I will write again later when I remember!!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Of all the things in the world I would have never guessed that my 2 large dogs would get sprayed by a SKUNK! Why you may ask? Well because we live in the city, in a development where all the fences meet and did I mention that YES we live in the city! A large city! We lived on top of a mountain in the woods in Pennsylvania on 12 acres where my dogs just ran free all the time but now that they are city dogs they get sprayed by a skunk and it is terrible (believe me it really is terrible!). It was about 2:15a.m. Wednesday morning and I could not sleep so I got up, got a drink (just some juice) and then went into my fenced backyard to smoke and it happened. My Dalmatian charged it and the Doberman followed her. I thought it was a cat because it was dark and all I could see was the cute white fluffy parts and I knew that a cat could get away before they could get her so I was not worried. Then Lex (Dalmatian) ran over to me coughing, snotting, throwing up and stinking! I jumped up and ran into the house to tell my hubby and the nasty, nasty smell followed me. Hubby began gagging immediately (he even tried to sleep in the van for a couple of hours and that didn't work). It was horrible! Needless to say they had to stay outside the rest of the night and all the next day (cause I work full time days now). The poor things thought that they had died and gone to HELL!! My dogs are a little spoiled so they don't know how to lay anywhere but on the couch and on top of smelling like a rotten dead decaying animal they actually had to lay on the ground. Anyway, Skunks do not smell the same fresh as they do when you smell them on the side of the road. The worst part is you CAN NOT get rid of the smell. I have always heard that you should use tomato juice (or paste) but after some research online we found out it doesn't work that you should use baking soda and peroxide mixed with water. However this can cause bleaching of the fur so now I am going to have a red, bleached blonde, redneck Doberman! GREAT! JUST GREAT!
I have given them like 5 baths (outside of course) to get rid of the smell and guess what!! It still did not work! The smell is tolerable but you can defiantly still smell it.

So this is what I have been doing all week! The dogs are in the house but the are restricted to the kitchen cause I don't want the furniture to stink.
I have had a rough week and I will try and write again this weekend but I am so tired cause I have been really busy this week with the dogs and work and everything in between.

By the way Jake is turning 10 tomorrow (the 6th) and I just can't believe that my little baby is in double digits now!