Sunday, September 28, 2008


This was taken Sunday 9-28 in Birmingham, AL at Alabama Adventure. Jake is in the lead and Justin is about to crash cause he is looking at the floor. We had a great family day (I am glad we have not done anything like this all summer). We are even talking about going to visit My brother and sister - in - law (yeah I am talking about you Sarah) in FL this month or next. So Sarah you need to find some fun stuff to do down there!

I can NOT believe my luck Friday I stopped at the mall to order Jake's cookie cake ( I love these) I had just parked and got out of the car me and Justin were standing there waiting on Jake to get out and I seen my car roll forward. I was trying to figure out why when I realized that the people backing out across the street back right into my car!!! I have had such bad luck since I got this new van. SOOO I got all of there information and called the insurance company today and He has not reported it soooo I have to wait for the insurance company to get in touch with him and do all that stuff.....THEN on Saturday morning my mom come to pick me and Justin up to go to the store when she back out of my driveway she ran all over the car across the street. I will say that we have ask this man NOT to park his car right behind my driveway and we (me and JC) have almost hit this car several times. Anyway the cop did say that he was parked illegally so maybe momma will get lucky and not have to pay for anything. I guess that we will see.

I swear I am going to stop riding in cars I think I could ride horses or something and have better luck!

I will write again soon.

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