Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I have a few minutes to write this a.m. and I just have to share this picture. I will explain the picture if I can figure out how to upload it to this post. Ok let me try to figure it out.

OK it worked so let me explain.
My dear Hubby (yes that is him in the dog crate) was playing with Justin (n his green power ranger suit as usual) you know the normal stuff sword fighting, catch and then cops and robbers which is how he ended up in the hand cuffs (look close) and then Justin wanted to put him "in jail" which Hubby agreed to. So in the crate ( it is the crate for my doberman so it is very large) he went..... willingly. Justin locked him so I ran upstairs and grabbed the camera and he couldn't do anything because he was locked in (HA HA HA). The first thing that he said was don't put that on your blog. Well I just could not help it because it is to funny;-} . I am so glad that he plays with them I could have one of those hubbys that could careless that he has kids. Anyway I hope you guys found this as funny as I did and can't wait until he checks my blog again and sees that yes it did post it.
Well I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (for those of you that celebrate and if you don't let me know what you for holidays. I think that my favorite is Christmas. Not so much for me these days but just the look of joy and sheer happiness on the face of my kids even Jake still believes in Santa at least this year not so sure about next year and Justin as at the age where we are telling him about Santa so this will be a good year for him.
I was sitting around last night and just pondering different things as I watched ER (been watching that for many years same stuff just different cast) and realized that the year is almost over. I can not believe that the whole year is almost gone. Where did it go? Speaking of time and changes I absolutely hate this time it is dark at like 5 o'clock that drives me crazy it messes with your sleep schedule and well just everything.
Well this is it for time Justin realized that I was doing something and decided that it must end so I will try to post again tonight.


Dawn said...

Baaaaa! That's funny! It's great having a husband who likes to play with the kids. My husband is "Mr. Fundad" too.
Hmmm, is it wrong to think about getting one of those for the kids?

sarah said...

I think that would have been a good time to ask for a diamond ring for christmas!!!!