Wednesday, November 14, 2007

still gettin ready for Momma

I am so happy I got some hits.... Thanks very much for checking out my blog. I am still going crazy trying to clean.....only 1 day and a half left to get everything good (notice I said good not perfect it is never perfect with kids).

I am soooo tired I have been going nonstop for like a week or so and tomorrow it is going to be even worse because I have to have Jake to school by 8:30 and at a meeting by 9 and I have to stop and get coffee or I will be useless.

This is so neat I love meeting ..... well not really meeting but ya know what I mean. I would really like to know where everyone is from if you don't mind telling me. I am originally from the great (not) state of Alabama. We moved back down there after being away for almost 8 years and and moved back north about 11 months later. We were not even there for a year (it was 9 days to be a year. I think the Alabama air did something to Justin (he was born there) because that kid is totally different from Jake more on that later. I really like the people but there are no season changes you go from summer to winter (but it is fall like temps). I love PA the seasons change and it is still beautiful with all the trees changing and I really love snow, not so much to play in (have to though) but we do like to go tubing but just knowing that there is snow on the ground sitting by the fire, cuddled up with a book or watching TV after the kids are in bed. It is never really cold enough to wear a coat much less have a fire in Alabama.

I will try to write tomorrow if I have time for those who are reading and I am going to start responding to the comments that are left. I think I have almost figured it out.


roseys madhouse said...

Lol I didnt clean my house like I actually wanted to. I did get to have swim though, with my youngest girl, and also rake the stones under the decking.
Im from New South Wales in Australia and it getting into summer here.

Valarie said...

Good luck with the marathon cleaning! At least you are in the homestretch now.
I am from Florida. If you go to my page and scroll to the bottom there is a button with a little globe on it. CLick that and put yourself on my map. You can go to and get one to put on your blog and then people that visit can "pin" where they are from. It's fun!