Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to the cleaning

Man it never goes away or gets any better...... I will get one room all clean, move on to another one and when I walk by the one that I just finished it is messy again......I quit.

I really can't wait until my Mom gets here she is not so bad and I get a huge break. I might even get to go out alone with my hubby!!!

However my step Dad loves to pick on the kids and I keep trying to tell him that Justin (3) is mean and will not think twice about punching him in the nose, hitting him with a sword or bat (or anything else he can reach), or just kick ya for the fun of it. I guess he will believe me when we have to take him to the ER because he was beat up by a 3 year old ( how embarrassing would that be!!!)

Let me tell ya Justin (aka Stinky so rotten that he stinks) has like 4 Power Ranger (1 green, 1blue, 2 red) suites and he refuses to wear anything else I have to bribe him to change clothes so that we can go out and as soon as we get home he strips and puts one right back on. I am so tired of seeing these suites I could get even more crazy.

Well coffee is almost gone so I must force my self up and do the cleaning thing again.

Did I mention that i also have 3 dogs a 10yo beagle mutt, 5yo Dalmatian, and a 1 yr 4day old doberman 60 pound playful puppy. forgot about the hamster to.....

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roseys madhouse said...

Hi I tried to leave a comment earlier and it wouldnt let me???
Any way I was letting you know I should also be cleaning today lol seeing as I am home alone and with out the "Mum" " Can I have "but as usual I get easily distracted and I am finding it harder with the weather warming up and I find I am spending more time outside. I have three boys and three girls the oldest being nearly 12 and the youngest nearly 4. My daughter is like your son with always changing her clothes she tends to always want to wear this one dress which she wore as a flower girl to a wedding lol.