Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crazy and still cleaning

I did get the comments to post (still not sure how).
I am having a crazy day again. It started out fine but then it just keeps going down hill. I put Justin (3) in bed early just because he was on my last half of nerve and Jake (9) is on the list tonight as well. I guess someone is always on the list in some form or fashion. Justin messed the bathroom up AGAIN it is like the 4th time that I have had to clean it in 2 days.

This is going to be great if I get to vent some. I am sure Justin gets tired of hearing it and he doesn't respond well already acting like a man. I must go clean some more it seems to never go away

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Valarie said...

I have found that blogging keeps me sane. When my children start to "paint" the walls or whatever I don't get quite as mad because I am running to look for the camera to take a picture to blog about it instead of losing me temper and yelling a them!