Monday, December 3, 2007

New Car

Well I finally got a new van 10/22/07, we have not even made the fist car payment yet and I will be da*m someone rear-ended me yesterday. So not only being in pain my new car is squished. That just ruined my whole day. I have whip lash and have to take my Hubby and 3yo to the doc to have them checked out. And I found out today that PA is a no fault state I just don't understand how you can be sitting at a stop sign get rear-ended and it is no ones fault. Does that sound strange to anyone else????
Well I have walk gently up the stairs and try to fight with Justin to put his clothes on all with out making my neck any worse......easy right.
I actually feel like I have been hit by a car.......literally......

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sarah said...

OMG, that's awful!!!! What were they doing that they couldn't see a stopped car in front of them. I hope you guys are alright, keep me posted.