Monday, January 21, 2008

UH OH not yet!!!!!

Well before I get to the interesting stuff I just want to say hi to all. It has been very busy these past couple of weeks. I was still sick and didn't know it until I got a terrible terrible headache so off to the doc I went and I had a sinus infection and didn't even know it. Tons of other stuff has happened but I just wanted to tell you about the incident that happened the other day and I almost died it was so funny. Well there are really 2 and I will think about posting the other it is kind of embarrassing for ME.

Last week I was getting Justin dressed and had just took off his footy jammies so he was laying on the couch while I put his socks on. Then he noticed that "it" was sticking up. He kept pushing "it" down so that it could pop back up after several times. I tried to divert his attention by asking him if he had to go potty (that is when it usually does it) but he just thought it was so funny in the end he did go potty and I managed to finish dressing him!

The next one happened over Christmas sometime. I had found that with my oldest son that it was just much easier to shower with him (at least until he started noticing the differences) so I continued this with Justin. I am sure that everyone that has small kids is aware of a show called Boo-Bahs.
I don't think that it is very educational but sometimes it entertains him if I have something to do that just can't wait. Anyway we are in the shower and he is playing in the bathtub in between getting washed all of a sudden he reached up and poked me in the boob and yelled Boo-bah. I almost died and decided at that point that he was to big to shower with Mommy anymore!

While we are talking about Justin I will tell you about this Kids fetish and yes I really do think that it is a fetish because it started when he was young 1 or so. He loves belly buttons and when I say this I mean that he will pull his shirt up and pull up the shirt of someone else and rub buttons with them (kind of like rubbing bellies). I have no idea where this came from but he is very, very fascinated and enjoys it. I was talking to my Mother the other day about it (she has been victim to this) because he starts pre-school in the fall and I was wondering if a 3 year old can be sued for sexual harassment??? He does this mostly with girls now (as he has gotten older) but I can just see him getting kicked out of pre-school for "rubbing bellies".

I will try to write again soon now that all the Holidays are over things are finally slowing back down.
I am also going to try to post new question so try to answer and please leave post I love to hear from people from everywhere!

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roseys madhouse said...

I think that as far as the belly button thing goes I know here in Australia they would just talk to him about it and say that he shouldnt do that at preschool but maybe just at home? Maybe you could say that to him and see how you go?