Friday, January 4, 2008

The Great Pickle!

I did it. I am so happy! I made it through the Holidays sick. I felt terrible all week and then we went and watched the Pickle Drop in Dillsburg, PA . I must admit that it was very interesting and fun! Have any of you seen a Pickle drop on New year's eve?

I have to admit this was a first for me. I think that it looks like a giant zucchini or something pickle did not come to mind (well it did but only because I knew).

What interesting things did everyone do on New Year's eve?

Well I finally got over my cold (almost) and now my husband has it. I know how he feels it was awful you just feel blah and lay around. He even stayed home from work today and that is very unusual for him he is not the type of person that just stays home. I bet that it is going to go through all the kids again. The good thing is that we had flu shots (me and the kids DH tried to get one but they were out) so I don't think it was as bad for me and hopefully them.

Nothing new going on here just listening to the kids and one of Jake's friends run around like wild Indians upstairs and I am so tired. I had to be up really early (6:30am and I don't do mornings well at all) so I don't even feel like fussing at the kids for being crazy (usually that is me).

I am so ready for bed so I will try to write again soon.

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roseys madhouse said...

LOL I couldnt imagine seeing a giant pickle drop? WE went locally and watched the fireworks display that they have at 9:15pm for the kiddies so you can then take them home and put them into bed lol.