Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas and Venting about Nickelodeon

Well after the Christmas holiday I am just tired. I have caught Justin's cold and just feel Blah. I just wanted to vent a little bit on a couple of things after I tell you about the Kids Christmas. Jake got a Razor Dirt Bike (made for his age it is kind of like a power wheels for big kids) and i will add a picture of this later but he loves it. He was in and out all day yesterday riding and then charging it because the battery life is very short. Justin got a Ninja Power Wheels (4 wheeler) and Power Ranger snow boots (both of them got tons of other stuff to) that he wore all day while riding his Ninja. I thought it was funny ( we do not have any snow and it was almost 45 yesterday). See the picture

I think this will be a favorite toy for a while (snow boots to). I thought that I was going to have to let him sleep on it last night, we even had to bring it back into the house so that he could see it.
Well that is enough about our Christmas. I hope that everyone else had a great day as well. These days it is all about the kids anyway.
Now I have a few things to say about Nickelodeon...... what is up with trying to keep Jamie Lynn Spears on a kids network cause if no one noticed she is now an unmarried pregnant teen and NICK is thinking about doing a special ( www.msnbc.msn.cpm/id/22344557/ ) on her because she is like so many other kids that I know (yeah right). I DO NOT WANT NICK TO SEX EDUCATE MY KIDS. I feel that she needs to come off the air at least a kids network and no one needs to make any specials about it, even if we know teens that have made this mistake ( we all do) it is not the same, we are not RICH and can not HIRE PEOPLE to raise our kids we all do it the old fashion way and rough it out (Do not get me wrong I Love my kids they are my heart). Staying up all night, feeding, changing, crying when our kids are sick because we can't make it better and just that whole Mother thing that most rich pregnant teens know nothing about because someone else does it. And as for her mother writing a book about parenting HELLO!!!!! WHO IS SHE TO TRY AND TELL US HOW TO RAISE GOOD KIDS. Does anyone see a pattern with her two. Well this is totally my opinion however I do plan on sending Nick emails and calling to let them know that I am a very concerned parent and if I have to, I will stop my kids from watching!!!!!
Can you tell that this issue makes me mad!!! I will try to post again later and be a little more cheerful like I said I feel bad and just needed to fuss (and complain) about something. I could probably go on and on and on. But I will leave it at that for now.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful NEW YEAR.

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roseys madhouse said...

wow that is a cool quad bike. I had to look at my thermometer to see wht the temp would have been here lol it would have been 8 holly cow thats cold we dont ever get that cold here. Hope you had as good new years and merry christmas.