Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hamster Heaven

Well the circle of life ended last night for our 2 yo Hamzer the Hamster. She passed away about 11 pm. Me and my husband were with her till the end. Then we took her outside and buried her at the back of the garden. We thought it would be easier for my son to walk out and say good-bye rather than going through the whole process of burial he is very tender hearted.

Other than that things have been a total mess here My husband lost his job and they refused to pay him for the month of Dec. so that has left tons of problems for us. We are going to start calling a few lawyers on Monday to see if we can get the money that is owed to him. He worked for the whole month and they just thought that it was ok not to pay. That is just not fair!!!

Well I can hear the kids fighting upstairs so I will try to post later when they are sleeping that is the only peace that I get.

Well my spell checker is not working this a.m. so if you see words that are spelled wrong I am a terrible speller so forgive me.

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