Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moving AGAIN!!!

Well we have made the decision to move AGAIN. This is going to be the 6th time in 4 years and I am sick of it (really). We are moving back to Alabama where all my family is so that the kids will have them around. At the moment we have no family close and I feel that kids need to be around some family. It just sucks bad because we are moving across country (like 850 miles).
Jake was not thrilled and Justin is over joyed cause he can see Grandma along with his great grandma and several Aunts.
Other than packing and moving things are about the same. We have all had a cold because the weather is warm then cold then colder it was like 6 degress this morning BRRRRRR!!! It will be nice to get to warmer weather.
I am going to try and keep posting during the next few months because my aunt is going to let me borrow her laptop so that I don't have to upack my computer cause we are going to stay with my Mom until we find a house better yet JOBS. Keep leaving comments it keeps me sane emailing and reading blog post (I don't get many).
Talk to everyone later.

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sarah said...

so when are you leaving?