Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dead End

I am at a dead end with my mother and have no idea what to do! I love my mom very much (like everybody else) but can't get her to help herself, she has many medical problems and I understand that but she does nothing to help. She is on insulin and about 20 other meds and weighs about 125lbs over weight yet she still drinks tons of sweet tea (we CAN NOT even ride down the road without having to stop and get one), eats sweets (any and everything) and then gets mad or upset when I point it out and try to help. We (DH and kids) walk every night and we finally got her to join in we started her out small and was gradually moving it up further and further and that lasted about 2 weeks. It really upsets me that she does not seem to care and just sits in her recliner ALL the time (like she is afraid it will get cold (yeah the chair) I mean she does absolutely nothing). I hate to give up on her and let her die young but I am at a dead end. Please if anyone has advice on this key me in!

On a happy note things are going well around here. School starts back next week (on the 6th way to early if you ask me) and Justin starts preschool on the 19th. I am not going to know what to do with myself having time with NO kids!

I really miss hearing from the few that actually read my blog and left post maybe it is because of our situation and I did not post for awhile but I am back and will post often, like I said I want have anything to do all by myself.

I am so proud of ME!!!! I have lost almost 40lbs!!!! I still pretty much eat what I want only less of it. I just walk every night sometimes only a few blocks and sometimes 2 or 3 miles (we walked a long way tonight). I am so HAPPY I have dropped about 3 pant sizes. I haven't been this small in years!!! I still have about 20-30lbs to go and then I get to go buy a new wardrobe.

Bedtime for the kids so I will post again soon.

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