Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wellllll......and peeing in the park

OK well we still have the binkies (unfortunately). I feel terrible taking them (yes I said them he has to have 2! one to suck on and one to sniff! I am not sure why he sniffs the binkies but he does and he loves it). I know that he will hate me forever if I take them. I can see him cutting the heads off all his toys and trying to torture small animals. Just kidding but I do think that he will be scared for life. I am still VERY open to ideas!

Well things have been going pretty well here, except for a few things here and there as usual. We have started walking every night and it is nice quite family time with NO TV or phones and we are losing weight. I am really happy about that! We finally got my Mom who has many health problems out of her recliner to walk with us. I am so PROUD of her! We started her out small and are moving up the distance every week or so. We usually walk 2 miles or so.

I am not sure what to even write about I guess that I will tell you about the life of my 3 year old. We took him to a water park last week that was kind of big as we were walking around we noticed that he had fallen behind so we turned around and there he was taking a leak right in the middle of this water park...... well he could not stop right in midstream so we had to let him finish. This is what happens if you let them pee anywhere when you are trying to potty train (we did live on a mountain). That is really embarrassing. Then this morning I got in the car to leave and backed right over his bike man I was ticked it scratched my van (the new one that I got in Oct that got hit before my first payment) and bent his bike of course grandma told him that she would buy him a new even though he didn't put it away like he was told. I think that I need to start writing down all the funny stuff that he does because I can't remember when I sit down to write about it.

Justin also LOVES motorcycles it is kind of funny because every time we see the one that are built for speed he calls them crotch rockets and gets so excited. My husband has a small one that he takes Justin for rides on and you almost can't get him off. He sits on it and knows how to insert the key, start it and rev the engine. He can also use the blinkers and lights and as soon as he can reach the clutch I bet he is going to try and take it for a joy ride!

I hope that everyone is doing well and leave post I like to read them. If you leave your blog address I will check it out also.

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