Friday, November 16, 2007

It's over

Well it is over Momma and my Step dad have arrived and the kids are loving it. I am so glad now we just have to maintain it, and that can be very challenging. We are going to be out and about a lot visiting... well sight seeing so maybe just maybe it will stay clean just a little.

I was watching my dear hubby poke and stir the fire in the fireplace and realized that even though he is not from the south he is defiantly a Redneck (again I am from Alabama so I have experience with this). As he was poking the fire with a curtain rod (yeap I said curtain rod one of those metal ones that extend) I just had to laugh and tell a "you might be a redneck joke" (Jeff Foxworthy is very famous for this) and he just replied that it is safer than the real poker because it does extend and save his hands from the fire, however I had to doctor him with solarcaine (a type of medicine used for bug bites, minor scrapes and burns) because he did have a large red burn. I also believe that Jake is going to be a redneck just a very smart one (you can be smart and still be a redneck again I have seen this happen just not often). More on this later.

Well as I said Momma is yelling that being on the computer with company is rude (I say this is yet to be determined) but I don't get to vote because she is Momma. I will try to write again tomorrow or so.

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