Monday, December 17, 2007

back to being crazy again

Well now it is that time of year where everyone gets crazy even the kids..... not sure why maybe just the thought of all those presents.

I have a plan we (me and hubby) are telling Justin that he has to leave Santa all his binkies so that he can "get big boy toys" for Christmas and so far he is playing along so we will see if it works.
I again am running around like crazy again I have so much to do like wrapping Christmas presents, finish shopping, help with the school Christmas party, have a MRI done (my back is still messed up from the accident), meet with a lawyer and I am sure there are some things that I forgot because my list is upstairs.

I still don't have my van back but I did take the Titan back for something more functional. However now I have a Dodge Magnum and these cars make me think of a hearse and this one just happens to be black with black tinted windows and it is driving me crazy (like I need any help these days).

Anyway I just wanted to post a little note so that everyone (at least the people that read) knows we are still alive. I hope that everyone is having fun planning for their holiday I think this year we are having steak, potatoes and cranberry sauce instead of a traditional Christmas dinner it is just the 4 of us anyway and that is what we like.

Later Gators.....

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